Upcoming Sunday Evening Bible Hour Subjects:

You are invited to join us at 6pm* each Sunday for our Bible Hour. During this time you will listen to a talk or watch a presentation on a Bible-based subject. All are welcome to attend, and all that we ask is that you come willing to listen to the speaker respectfully. You will not be asked to make a donation or sign up for anything.

4th November 
Rick Cannings
God’s Plan for the World
11th November  
Mark Bateman
Planet Earth – Cosmic Accident or
the Work of a Creator?
18th November  (2pm)*Mike JennerIsrael at 70 – Proof of God’s Existence
25th NovemberJon Wood
Paul’s First Missionary Journey
2nd December Luke Whitehouse
Why we need God

* Some weeks our Bible Hour is held at 2pm. These are indicated in the table above.


  • Sunday School – 9.30am Children meet each week to learn about the Bible through crafts, games and fun (Ages 4+).
  • Breaking of Bread – 11am Baptised Christadelphians meet weekly to remember Jesus by sharing bread and wine. 
  • Bible Hour – 6pm Every Sunday evening at 6pm we have a Bible talk on a variety of interesting topics followed by light refreshments.


  • Bible Class – 8pm One hour spent studying the Word of God in depth, getting to grips with the lessons behind the word